Varied WorldWide

  • Energy: Driving efficiency and sustainability in vital energy infrastructure.
  • Waste Management & Sustainability: Championing a cleaner future through innovative waste solutions and environmental initiatives.
  • AI & Technology: Pioneering cutting-edge solutions across industries, transforming how we live and work.
  • Construction: Shaping the skylines of tomorrow with expertise in design, development, and project management.
  • Building Maintenance: Ensuring optimal performance and value for property assets.
  • Catering and F&B: Nourishing communities with diverse culinary experiences.
  • Food Logistic: Across UAE

Business Fields


Al Wazan

Al Wazan stands as a pivotal force in serving the critical Oil & Gas sector of the Middle East. Our sophisticated and seamlessly synchronized service delivery has established us as a trusted partner to energy behemoths.

Ai & Technology

Piserve Mena

As the flag bearers of transformation through technology, PiServe Mena’s calibrated team embraces the power of technological evolution to adapt to the momentum of today’s ever-expanding economy.

Construction & Real estate consulting

Building Aspect Construction

We redefine the construction landscape with a vision that goes beyond blueprints. Our expertise lies in seamlessly bringing architectural dreams to life. As a cornerstone in the industry, we're not just builders; we're architects of progress, crafting structures that stand as testaments to innovation and reliability.

Catering and F&B

Al Sorour

Mastering the art of baked bliss since 1986, Al Sorour caters to every craving. From oven-fresh breads to intricate pastries, our bakery fuels your moments. And when celebrating life's milestones, let Al Sorour Catering orchestrate unforgettable feasts.

Food Logistics

Al Sorour

As we believe in connectivity, within our group we focus on two main elements of the logistics parts, food transport and waste management.

Waste Management Logistics

Al Wazan

We are leader in providing sustainable waste management logistics solutions across the United Arab Emirates.